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Technical Support Centre

Technical Support Centre

Severn Controls has created a dedicated Technical Support Centre of such excellence that it employs and retains the services of experienced staff who are wholly supported by professionally qualified engineers. They mainly manage and provide the ‘back up’ for our many customers using 'Unique 5'.

However, our comprehensive systems allow us to control all your energy elements i.e. electricity, gas, steam and water usage from the Technical Support Centre here in Gloucestershire.

Our Technical Support Centre is only one strand of the services we provide – we can also provide a complete ‘one stop shop’ service, from planning, system design, panel manufacture, installation, commissioning, refurbishment, re-commissioning, maintenance and repair as well as energy control and detailed reporting. We also offer our Technical Support Service as a ‘white label’ service to other BEMS providers.

Unique 5 is our developed service to customers which includes the centralised control of over 900 retail/commercial premises for companies such as Next and Boots. This involves the monitoring and control of lighting, air conditioning, heating and other electrical items in stores, which can only be accessed by our remote systems. Implementing Unique 5, typically cuts energy costs by between 20% - 40%, providing significant benefits both financially and in terms of the environmental impact.