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Saving Energy and Cutting Pollution

Saving Energy & Cutting Pollution

Our energy management systems typically save customers between 20-40% on their energy costs. With more information at your fingertips and better control of your energy, you can reduce cost by eliminating waste, improving maintenance and meeting government regulations.

Energy Bureau Services

Severn Controls’ remotely manage approximately 1,000 buildings from their Energy Bureau at their Head Quarters in Gloucester. All aspects of energy demand can be controlled from here from simple time clock control for lighting to sophisticated Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) which can provide a range of features to reduce the carbon footprint of any building. Alarms are constantly monitored and where appropriate, changes made to building control settings.

In a typical building during cold weather it has been calculated that an increase in thermostat settings of only one degree will produce a 7% increase in heating demand. It is not unusual to find that one person in an office is raising the thermostat whilst another is opening a window because he/she is too warm. A similar, but usually more costly situation applies when reducing room set points in air conditioned buildings during the warmer summer months. This expensive conflict can be mitigated by taking a building away from local control.

Return on Investment

We provide flexible energy management solutions through our Unique 5 software to suit your particular needs, which means you get the system that will work best to save you energy, whether you need an individual control system or a full Technical Support Centre monitoring service. The costs of implementing our systems will soon be offset by energy savings that will continue into the future.

Cutting Waste

Saving energy is not just about installing new equipment and services, but also in the power of information. The reports we generate in Unique 5 provide detailed realtime information about how you are using power - which sites are using the most, which times of the day power is highest and which individual electrical units are having an effect on your energy usage.
With this information you can take action to streamline your energy usage, and you will have documented evidence of usage to convince your colleagues and shareholders that real savings are being made.

Green Solutions

Cutting Pollution

The environmental impact of businesses is becoming more and more evident both in terms of media perception and scientific data. At Severn Controls we pride ourselves on our experience of dramatically reducing energy consumption for our customers which in turn will help them improve their green credentials.

Public Perception

Public awareness of the environmental question has intensified over the last few years with media reporting more confident of the effects of global warming. Green consumer choices have increased and the public, including your customers, expect businesses to take the lead in creating a more sustainable future. Investment in energy management systems will provide its own financial benefit, but will also provide real proof to the public that you are investing in a greener future, improving your customer perception.

Government Regulations

Initiatives such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) are implementing real financial costs to business energy usage, even beyond the unit cost itself. Governments across the world are taking steps to penalise excessive energy usage and reward efforts to reduce the environmental impact of business.

Taking Responsibility

Beyond the benefits in cost savings and public relations, business owners and managers across the UK are becoming more aware and concerned about the impact of their production on the environment. Our energy management systems allow you to improve your green credentials without adversely affecting productivity or cost. Energy conservation does not have to mean going without, but can be achieved with a more efficient approach to energy, which will also save you money.