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Intelligent mains distribution and switchboards

Intelligent Mains Distribution & Switchboards

The effective distribution of power within buildings is an increasingly complex discipline in an age when computer protocols control everything from business administration, telecommunications, energy and environmental controls.

Multi-functional, multi-storey buildings requiring huge amounts of power to be allocated to vast numbers of activities, present a challenge that Severn Controls responds to with its combination of design experience and the capability to manufacture intelligent distribution systems up to 3200 amps.

To complement our larger distribution systems we also manufacture a smaller range more suitable for retail and commercial applications.

Our Distribution Control Panels (DCPs) are made from modular components. This gives us the flexibility to adjust size, shape, and number of incoming/outgoing supplies within the panels, to meet customers’ individual needs.

  • A Standard Distribution Control Panel is designed, manufactured and type tested to a short circuit rating of 25kA to BS EN 6043-9.
  • Standard main incomers range from 125 to 1000 amps on standard type Distribution Control Panels.
  • The Distribution Control Panels are mainly used in small to medium sized commercial buildings and retail outlets.


  • Our MCCB panel board system provides the user with unrivalled versatility and the build simplicity needed to produce a wide range of power distribution solutions.
  • We can supply a wide range of ACB/MCCB panel boards from as small as a 5-way wall mounted 250 amp unit to a floor standing 3200 amp switchboard.
  • If required, kWh meters can be installed with pulse outputs for data collection. Alternatively Modbus power meters can be used for connection to BEMS systems. This enables customers to monitor their own power consumption and gather valuable management information.
  • We are also able to supply Dorman Smith Modis 12, Modis 25 and Modis 32 low voltage modular distribution systems, which are specifically designed to provide ultimate flexibility.
  • Further customisation of systems can incorporate voltage surge protection - power factor correction or any other specific client requirements.
  • Severn Controls' modular concept, coupled with an extensive range of protective devices and enclosures, allows the cost effective design and build of distribution systems to meet the exact power expectations and space limitations of individual schemes up to 3200A.