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New Technology Investment 2015

During 2015 Severn Controls has invested £20,000.00 in new server hardware/software equipment.

This investment adds value to four key areas for Severn Controls:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Security
  • Speed
  • Backup

The new hardware is far more efficient in power, speed, space and resilience. Being the latest hardware, it is new, less likely to fail, backed up by support and warranties from the manufacturers.

The new systems are also running the latest Windows operating systems, which mean they are secure, incorporating the latest technologies that add to the efficiency of the overall system. It also makes this system compatible with new and future technologies. In addition, we have improved our backup and controls, safeguarding Client Data. In doing the above, we have increased our storage capacity by some 400%.

We have also recently upgraded one of our three ADSL connections to Fibre, which will bring more resilience and backup protection for our client’s data along with faster transfer rates of 40mb down / 10mp upload. The data collected from our clients is also automatically backed up via a wireless connection to our support data centre, which provides much greater resilience.

Having the latest technology adds to the disaster recovery and business continuity programme currently in place.

This of course is a continued and ongoing improvement programme in systems and latest technologies by Severn Controls.


Personnel / Training 2015


This year to date, Severn Controls have employed Seven new members of staff

  • Three trainee design engineers
  • One trainee panel wireman
  • Two Technical Support Operators
  • One commissioning / panel wireman


A total of 21 courses have taken place for 2015

Commissioning Department training

This consisted of 31 days training for the following courses, these were

  • Trend 963 Operator
  • Trend System Engineering
  • Trend Strategy Software Design
  • I Q Engineering
  • SET Comms

Health & Safety Courses

  • Skills card, Health & Safety/Environment test
  • Asbestos awareness / test

A total of 45 days training to date.



Don't just talk about it - Do it!! ...... and this is exactly what Severn Controls have done!!

As part of Severn Controls' on-going Energy Reduction Programme and in order to reduce CO2 pollution, a 16Kw PV system was installed at our premises at Waterwells Business Park, Quedgeley, Gloucester in December 2011.  As at 1 November 2012 we had generated 13,560Kw and have made savings in excess of £6,000 from our PV system.

This is just part of Severn Controls' continual push towards a greener future.

Should you require further information on this project please contact our office on 01452 727610. 



Severn Controls have recently despatched orders to the value of £750,000 to Poland, Spain, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Ireland, France, Turkey and Russia. These systems are used to control food handling plant, water treatment systems and military equipment. This was in addition to approx. 3 Million pounds worth of systems sold within the UK.



Even during the current economic climate, Severn Controls have been happy to support CLIC Sargent, The Childrens Trust, Cancer relief, Child Haven, Children in need, Save the children and the Air Ambulance service plus a number of other charitable organisations. Donations have totalled nearly £2,000.00 pounds


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